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Kamchatka is so diverse that it’s not even Russia in miniature, it’s the Universe. If in other places of the country the landscape has long been formed, in Kamchatka it is constantly changing. Volcanoes erupt, geysers beat, fumarole fields open.

Here you feel the energy of the Earth every day – inhaling fumarole gases, touching frozen solid lava, plunging into a thermal spring or entering a lava duct with a temperature of + 60 ° С. I will show you 3 sights of Kamchatka, where you can feel the planet truly alive.

Walking around Tolbachik on a cloudy day, you can easily imagine that you are on another planet. And for this, you don’t even need special imagination – the Tolbachik neighborhood is 96% equivalent to the surface of the moon, in 1969 even a moon rover was tested here. However, black volcanic sand is not the main thing here. Huge lava fields make a much larger impression.

The last eruption of Tolbachik occurred in 2012-2013 and lasted 9 months. During this time, hot lava flows have traveled 18 km! Now these are huge lava fields, frozen in incredible forms.

But the most amazing thing is that, walking along them, you still feel the heat of the eruption, which ended 6 years ago. You can go down to the lavovod with a temperature of about + 60 ° C, instantly warm up and dry after rain. Find gas outlets with a temperature of + 600 ° C and see how after a couple of minutes the branches left between the stones light up.

Before traveling to Kamchatka, I saw a photo of the Dead Forest many times. In 1975, a powerful eruption of Tolbachik covered him with ashes. Well, ok, I thought, fell asleep and fell asleep, destroyed and destroyed. Sad, but why is everyone so enthusiastic about this?

Up to 11 meters of ash underfoot. I remember how taken aback when I first heard this from the guide. Can you imagine how powerful the surge was? And now we are not just walking through the woods, but walking at the top of the trees!